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We respect your privacy. This indexing — known so well to search engine optimization SEO professionals — has benefits to both Google and Facebook. Google has more Google search app facebook that might satisfy what people are searching for. Facebook gets traffic from Google for free. Over time, Facebook has opened up more of the content is has to Google, such as Facebook Comments in Facebook also confirmed the same directly to Search Engine Land.

Alternatively, find out what's trending...

In the case of Facebook, this means Google search app facebook when someone clicks on a Facebook listing in Google search, rather than load a web page with that content, in some cases Google instead understands how to open up the Facebook app and Google search app facebook the same content within that.

Google is able to index these now. So it must persuade app developers to let it peer inside. Apps often pull information from the same source to power both their web sites and apps.

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When those pages are reindexed over the coming days, this should work. This only will work for Android. Facebook has not implemented similar mechanisms from Google search app facebook or Bingso mobile searches on iOS either in Safari or Chrome or for those using Windows Mobile will not launch the Facebook app. Google search app facebook said it had no comment on why these were omitted.

As it turns out, Google told us it was part of a general discussion Google search app facebook how companies are making use of app indexing.

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It is a big win, so to speak, for Google App Indexing. But for publishers, it makes plenty of sense to ride the app Google search app facebook train, especially for potential ranking boosts.

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Have something to say about this article? Sign up for our daily recaps of the ever-changing search marketing landscape. Danny Sullivan on November 16, at 2: Recovering SEO traffic and Google search app facebook after a website redesign.

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Bing Ads now supports 3rd headline, 2nd description in text ads.


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